Every time I talk to my female friends about headphone they run away. Literally.

Throughout the three years I’ve been in this hobby I’ve come to realize that this is a heavily male-dominated field – that on HeadFi most active posters are male, most reviewers are male and most bloggers are male. The worst part is how many of my female friends treat audiophilia as something that only “guys would do”.

This shouldn’t be the case – everyone should enjoy good headphones, and I think everyone should learn what’s “good headphones” and what’s not. I’m not trying to make females who are in the hobby feel special by any means, but I do feel that, as a girl in the hobby, I have the responsibility to make other girls understand that this is not supposed to be a male hobby only.

I got the idea for TGIA when I received my new DAP and one of my gal pals was asking me about why I wouldn’t just buy an iPod because it was more convenient than using a player/amp stack. She seemed pretty interested, but told me that no one had ever told her about anything about audiophilia – even her guy friends who she knew were into headphones – and it was then that I realized that maybe I just don’t try hard enough to introduce everyone I know to the world of HiFi and nice sound quality.

-02/04/2016, to the birth of TGIA

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